KC Full Dress 1905-10

KC Full Dress 1905-10 KC Full Dress 1905-10
Figure 94: Portrait photograph of Trooper in 'B' Squadron (British American) of the King's Colonials wearing his Full Dress uniform complete with second pattern headdress, gloves and cloak circa 1905-10. His 'B" Squadron (British American) beaver and maple leaf collar badge can be clearly seen as is the top of the matching headdress badge.  He is wearing the early pattern webbing bandolier.

Figure 95: Drawing of the tunic and headdress for the Full Dress uniform of a Private of the King's Colonials, 1905-10 of the New Zealand Troop (D. J. Knight and R. J. Smith. The Uniforms of the Imperial Yeomanry 1901-1908. The Military Historical Society, Arrow Press, London, 2009).