KC Bandsman's Uniform part 2

His Majesty's band of the King's Colonials/King Edward's Horse released a number of recordings as phonographs and early gramophone recordings including the Chocolate Soldier Waltz (Straus), Teddy Bears Picnic and the Bravada March recorded circa 1910-14.

Figure 121: Trumpet Major and Bandmaster Peter Anderson and the 4th County of London (King’s Colonials) Band at St Albans camp in 1904 (Photo courtesy of Grandson, Peter Anderson).

Figure 122: Painting of a Bandsman of the 4th County of London (King’s Colonials) Imperial Yeomanry in Undress uniform circa 1902-05, note the scarlet top on the crown of the cap (R. J. Smith collection).

Figure 123: Cover page of the original music of the 4th County of London (King’s Colonials) Imperial Yeomanry march signed by the composer, Archibald Evans in 1902. Mr Evan's was the conductor of the orchestra at Frascatti's Restaurant in London. Colonel Fortescue when he took command of the Regiment changed the Regimental march to Elgar's "Land of Hope and Glory" with Bandmaster Anderson arranging the hymn in band parts.