Headdress Badges - Sealed Pattern and Officers

The 2nd King Edward’s Horse headdress badge (KK 1134) was sealed as Pattern Number 8598/1915 and approved on the 172/12/1915 in gilding metal for Other Ranks and is shown being worn in Figure 352.  

Figure 352: A postcard produced in France of a group of 2nd King Edward Horse circa 1915-17. The Second Lieutenant (seated third from the left) is wearing an OSD headdress badge and the Warrant Officer (seated second from left with crowns on both lower sleeves) senior NCOs and Other Ranks are all wearing gilding metal headdress badges. The Warrant Officer is wearing gilding metal 2KEH collar badges. The Trooper immediately behind and to the right of the Second Lieutenant closely resembles Trooper Poulain in Figure 155.   

The 2nd King Edward's Horse headdress badge was slightly larger than the first and second pattern (1st) King Edward’s Horse headdress badges (KK 1506 and 1507), respectively with a King’s Crown and bearing additional scrolls ‘Crown Colonies’, ‘1914’ and ‘Empire and Liberty’.

The headdress badge was in bronze for Officers and in gilding metal for Other Ranks. Example of Officers' headdress badges are shown in Figures 353-354. These bronzed badge was worn with the Officers Service Dress uniform and were die struck or die cast. Note the different tones of the bronze finish. Another feature to note is that the first and third badges have a curved base of the crown whereas the central badge has a flat base to the crown. There were at least two different sets of manufacturing dies for the 2nd KEH headdress badges.

Figures 353-354: Three original Officer’s headdress badges of 2nd King Edward’s Horse in bronze showing an example with a crimped slider, east-west loops and east-west blades circa 1915-1917.