Full Dress and Undress Buttons

The King’s Colonials Full Dress and Service Dress, tunic breast and cuff buttons were in gilt for Officers (Figure 289) and brass for Other Ranks (Figures 290-291) and are referenced as Ripley Ref No 419 for the cuff button and as Ripley and Darmanin Ref No 140 for the tunic button. They are of the same design as the second pattern Regimental badge with the Prince of Wales’s plumes over ‘KC’ letters and Regimental motto “REGI ADSUMUS COLONI”. The King’s Colonials button shown in Figure 289 is a 17mm diameter Officer's gilt tunic cuff button with Hobson of London maker’s mark on the sealed back. An Other Rank's brass tunic breast button is shown in Figures 290-291 was made by Firmin & Son London and measures 24mm in diameter. Buttons with a plain, sealed back have also been noted for the King’s Colonials.

The King’s Colonials buttons were worn 1901-10 and are referenced by Ripley and Darmanin as Ref No 140 under King Edward’s Horse. The authors note that there are also white metal King’s Colonials tunic buttons and this would be consistent with the white metal King’s Colonials shoulder titles noted in Figure 286 thought to have been manufactured and worn for ceremonial occasion/s. A further note from the authors describes a domed button with silver Regimental device on gilt which may have been for an Officer’s cap or Mess Dress.

Figure 289: King’s Colonials Officer's gilt tunic cuff button (Ripley and Darmanin Ref No 140) (Ian Baker collection).
Figures 290-291: King’s Colonials Other Ranks' brass tunic button (Ripley 419).