First Pattern Regimental Staff Collar Badge

First Pattern Regimental Staff Collar BadgeFirst Pattern Regimental Staff Collar Badge
In part of the Colin Churchill collection, sold by C & T Auctioneers in November 2015 there was a pair of inter-twined ‘KC’ ciphers in gilding metal with red backing cloths (Figures 265-266). The red backing cloths were described as being a distinction of the collar badges worn by Regimental Staff. It is difficult to determine with certainty from examining period photographs of the King's Colonials if the red backing cloths were actually worn by the Regimental Staff. These collar badges would have been worn from 1901-1905.

Figures 265-266: Front and rear images of a pair of first pattern Regimental Other Ranks collar badges with red backing cloths of the King’s Colonials Regimental Staff (Churchill and Westlake Ref No 114) in gilding metal (Images reproduced with kind permission C&T Auctioneers, United Kingdom).