'E' Squadron Officer's Collar Badges

A striking fire-gilt ‘E’ Squadron collar badge is shown in Figures 302 and 303.  This is an Officer’s collar badge with its rich gilt finish.  The collar badge is die-cast badge with a flat back.

Figures 302 and 303:  An example of a genuine ‘E’ Squadron (New Zealand) collar badge (In the style of KK 1377) in fire-gilt (David Stewart collection). 

Interestingly in Figure 304, the photograph taken at annual camp in 1904 (Figure 58) shows one of the Troopers to be wearing a single New Zealand fern badge on his collar perhaps as a forerunner of the introduction of Squadron collar badges from 1905.
Figure 304:  A close-up image of the Trooper wearing a New Zealand fern leaf collar badge in the style of KK 1377.