'C' Squadron Collar Badges

'C' Squadron Collar Badges 'C' Squadron Collar Badges
The front and rear of a pair of ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) collar badges are shown in Figure 224 and 225.  This pair of collar badges are die-struck in yellow-brass.  The right-hand collar badge has had their genuine north-south loops removed and replaced with east-west positioned loops.  Examination of another pair of collar badges has determined that these additional collar badges also have north-south loops.  Like the other Squadron collar badges, the ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) collar badges are a matching pair.  In the pair shown, the kangaroo on the left-hand collar badge has a straight tail as should the right-hand collar badge which has a tail which has been accidentally bent.

The ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) collar badges are the most difficult to come by.

Figures 224 and 225:  A pair of ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) collar badges (In the style of KK 1375) in gilding metal (From a Sydney collector).

Unlike bronzed OSD versions of the 'A' Squadron (British Asian), 'B' Squadron (British American) and 'E' Squadron (New Zealand) collar badges, a bronzed OSD version of the 'C' Squadron (Australian) collar badges has not been noted.