The tunic large-sized breast (25mm), medium-sized cuff (19mm) and small cap (17mm) buttons of King Edward’s Horse all depict a King’s Crown surmounting the letters KEH as shown in Figures 352-353.

Figures 352-353: A selection of King Edward’s Horse Other Ranks Full Dress brass tunic breast and brass cuff buttons (Ripley Ref No 420) and Officer's gilt cap button, front and reverse. Makers marks are Hobson & Son, London; Firmin & Sons, London, JR Gaunt & Sons, London. 

The cuff button is referenced as Ripley Ref No 420 as King Edward’s Horse (The King’s Overseas Dominion Regiment) 1910-24 with a similar depiction in Ripley and Darmanin Ref No 141 who note gilt for Officers and brass for Other Ranks.

The buttons shown in Figures 352-353 have sealed backs with either fixed or floating shanks. The button back marks for King Edward's Horse identified to date are Hobson & Son, London; JR Gaunt & Sons, London; Firmin & Sons, London and Jennens & Co, London. Some King Edward's Horse buttons are unmarked.

A simple version of a sweetheart badge is shown in Figure 354 which is a King Edward’s Horse brass button made by Hobson and Son of London which has had the shank removed and a brooch fitting attached.

Figure 354: A King Edward’s Horse Other Ranks Full Dress tunic button in brass converted with a brooch fitting to a sweetheart badge.