British Asian Squadron Headdress Badge - Copies

A significant distinction between the genuine headdress badge in Figure 203 and the copy in Figures 205-206 and on additional copies is the positioning of the loops. On this copy they are incorrectly positioned relative to genuine examples of this Squadron headdress badge. Although the loop represented in the single close up image lacks broad feet the furthest loop on the rear angular image has broad feet as do the majority of copies. Another readily identifiable feature on copies of the ‘A’ Squadron (British Asian) headdress badge is that the tip of the elephant’s trunk is not voided where it curls back up towards the head. On the genuine badge in Figure 203 the trunk is voided.

Figures 205-206: A copy of an ‘A’ Squadron (British Asian) Other Ranks’ headdress badge (KK 1373) in gilding metal. 

The non-voided trunk, positioning of the loops and differences in the weight and sizes can all be used to differentiate between genuine and copies of the ‘A’ Squadron (British Asian) headdress badge.

An additional copy shown in Figure 207 is marked to the rear as being silver, which it is not, and has blades as to suggest it is an Officer’s headdress badge.

Figure 207: Rear image of an additional copy of an ‘A’ Squadron (British Asian) headdress badge (KK 1373) in white metal and marked silver to the reverse and fitted with attaching blades.

An ‘A’ Squadron (British Asian) headdress badge in white metal with east-west loops and a non-voided tail has also been noted. It was sold as a commemorative badge and is also a copy.