British American Squadron Other Ranks' Headdress Badge - Copy

The 'B' Squadron (British American) Other Ranks' headdress badge in Figures 217-219 are examples of copies with east-west positioned loops which lack feet and north-south positioned loops with feet. The first is made from darkened yellow-brass and the other with reverse only being shown in bright yellow brass.

Copies of the ‘B’ Squadron headdress badge have broader, less well-defined veins on the leaves which lack pointy finishes to the edges and loops with broad feet. There are notable size differences between genuine and copies of the 'B' Squadron headdress badges.
Figures 217-219: Copies of ‘B’ Squadron (British American) Other Ranks headdress badges (KK 1374) in darkened brass with east-west loops without feet (front and rear images) and yellow brass with north-south loops with feet (rear image).