British African Officer's Headdress Badge - Genuine

An ostrich with a background of mountains and a scroll at the base inscribed British African.  In gilt, bronze and brass finish (KK 1372).  This is a similar background design to the Australasian Squadron badge.

The headdress badge worn by ‘D’ Squadron (British African) is shown in the close-up image (Figure 250) taken from the group photograph of King’s Colonials (Figure 209).

Figure 250: Close-up image of the ‘D’ Squadron (British African) headdress badge (KK 1372) worn by the Squadron Sergeant Major.

The headdress badge shown in Figures 251-252 is a genuine Officer’s headdress badge from the Firmin display set. It is a die struck badge in rich gilt with loops also in gilt positioned east-west which lack feet.
Figures 251-252: Front and rear of a genuine ‘D’ Squadron (British African) Officer’s headdress badge (KK 1372) in gilt.