Australasian Squadron Collar Badges

As noted previously, the ‘C’ Squadron (Australasian) of the King’s Colonials did not wear Australasian Squadron collar badges in the same style as the Squadron headdress badge (Figure 232). There is no photographic evidence of such collar badges having been worn nor have any been offered for sale or observed in either private or publicly-available collections.

Figure 232: Close-up image of the ‘C’ Squadron (Australasian) Officer’s headdress badge (KK 1376) being worn with a pair of Australian Squadron collar badges circa 1905 from the group photograph in Figure 209 (Peter Nemaric collection).

As can be seen in Figure 232, the pair of collar badges are not of the pattern of the Australasian headdress badge but are a pair of kangaroo collar badges. These kangaroo collar badges can be attributed to ‘C’ Squadron after it had become an entirely Australian Squadron in 1904 after the New Zealanders has left to temporarily form a separate ‘E’ Squadron (New Zealand). The Australian kangaroo collar badges were then worn with the introduction of the ‘C’ (Australian) Squadron headdress badge in 1905 (Figure 233) and are detailed in a later section.

Figure 232: Close-up image of the ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) Other Ranks headdress badge (KK 1376) with a matching pair of collar badges circa 1905 (Iain Davidson collection). 

The front of a ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) collar badge on a later King Edward’s Horse tunic (originally shown in Figure 137) is shown in Figure 234.

Figure 247c:  A ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) collar badge on a King Edward’s Horse tunic (In the style of KK1375) in gilding metal (Peter Nemaric collection).