Aust, NZ & BWI - King's Colonials/King Edward's Horse

Aust, NZ & BWI - King's Colonials/King Edward's Horse
Image of an unknown Australian serving in the Australian Squadron, King's Colonials (dates to 1903-10 from headdress badge) photograph courtesy of the Upway Museum, Victoria (with thanks to Phil Garland).  

ABBOTT, Bertie. Trooper
ARCHIBALD, William R. 1064, Trooper.

BALE, F. J. Trooper.
BENNETT, Walter. Trooper.
BERCOVITZ, Solomon. 1104, Trooper.
BLACK, J. G. Trooper.
BOILEAU, Gilbert. 1075, Corporal.
BOWKER, Johnnathan R. S. Trooper.
BROOKMAN, Charles J. 498, Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant.

BUCKLAND, Godfrey John. 583, Trooper. Private Buckland was born in Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia on the 30th January 1893 and enlisted on 26th August 1914 in England.  He was killed in action by a German rifle grenade on 7th August 1915 after seeing action at Ploegsteert Wood in July 1915.  RIFLE HOUSE CEMETERY, BELGIUM.  Photograph shown in Nominal Roll 'BR-BW' (courtesy Peter Nemaric). 

BUCKNELL, William Wentworth. 537, Trooper.
BULL, George. 1603, Trooper.
BUTLER, Geoffrey Travers. Trooper

CAMERON, Donald Keith. Captain.
CHURCHHOUSE, Reginald R. 995, Second Lieutenant.
COOKE, Ewing Edward 1580, Trooper.
CORLETTE, Hubert Christian. Major.
CRESWICK, Harry F. Captain.

DAVIDSON, Douglas. 640, Trooper.
DAWSON, Oswald. 1106 Corporal.
DAWSON, Overend William James. 1668, Trooper.
DAWSON, Robert D. 1526, Corporal.
DEARLOVE, John G. 1017, Corporal.
DRYSDALE, Cluny L. 1206, Trooper.
DUNSTAN, J. L. Trooper.

ELLIOTT, G. M. Trooper.
EVANS, Rupert. Trooper.

FIELDING, Morris Glanville. 201, Corporal.
FITZHERBERT, John A. 326, Trooper.
FRANCIS, Ernest William (Jim). 529, Lieutenant.
FRASER, John N. Trooper
FULLER, Charles S. Lieutenant

GARDINER, Jack D. G. (Puss). 1323, Trooper
GREEN, Roland. Trooper
GREGORY, Warwick E. C. Trooper

, John Stanley (Jack). 1224, Sergeant
HAGGER, Robert Lawrence. Trooper
HAM, Frank Livingstone. Second Lieutenant
HARRIS, Hubert Lacell. 133, Trooper
HARVEY, W.C.P. Lieutenant
HAWKINS, Thomas. 1219, Trooper
HELLMAN, Arthur L. 1936, Trooper
HESP, George. Trooper
HOPE, Roland Wallace. 1048, Trooper

JONES, Robert W. 1888, Trooper.
JONES, Wilfred. 1560, Trooper.
JUDD, William M. 1261, Trooper.

KEYS, John Hunt KEYS. 1602, Trooper
KIBBLE, Sydney George. 1228, Sergeant Major.

LADE, Allan Wettenhall. 710, Lieutenant.
LADE, John Harvey (Sam). 711, Trooper.
LAMB, Harold Benjamin. 22, Squadron Sergeant Major.
LAVERS, H. H. 6, Lance Corporal.
LEAKE, Edward. 1220, Sergeant. Known as Ned,
LEAKE, Leslie. 1221, Sergeant. Brother of Edward.
LOWE, Rupert. 1943. Private. Served as Lance Corporal, 552, 4th Victorian Mounted Rifles in Boer War before King Edward's Horse. Australian from Geelong. Saw service with Citizen's Military Forces in WW2. Died 22 July 1965 aged 86. Peter Nemaric: Sabretache: XLI, 8-14, March 2000.
LUCAS, F. J. 648, Lance Corporal

MACBEAN, Ian B. 121, Sergeant
MACDONALD, John Norman. Major
MACKINNON, Donald N. Captain
MARTIN, Cecil Charles. 1725, Trooper.
MAXWELL, A. 2057, Trooper.
MCARTHY, J. E. Trooper.
MCCRACKEN, Edward. 1105, Sergeant.
MCCULLOCH, William B. (Wally). 1047, Lieutenant.
MCINTOSH, Alexander J. 1046, Lieutenant.
MCLAY, James. 1499, Trooper.
MOFFAT, Leslie Palmer. Lieutenant.
MONTGOMERY, John M. L. 1049, Trooper.
MOORE, Albert W. 1091, Sergeant.
MURRAY, Eric M. 966, Trooper.
MURTON, Herbert Murray 1093, Trooper.

NOTT, Edward Ross. Trooper.

OHALLORAN-GILES, Hew. Lieutenant.

PEEL, A. R. (John). Trooper.
PRIESTLEY, Charles. 1095, Trooper.

RANDERS, Harold K. 1722, Trooper.

SADLIER, John R. 1102, Trooper.
SAILL, Edward C. 935, Second Lieutenant.
SAYER, William Thomas. Trooper.
SLY, Alec F. 873, Trooper.
SMITH, John. 1397, Trooper.
STEWART, W. M. Trooper.
STRETCH, Samuel. 1218, Trooper.
SULLIVAN, Kevin I. 1216, Corporal.
SYME, Allan D. Lieutenant.

TEARE, J. S. Trooper.
THOMAS, D. L. 1280, Trooper.
TOOGOOD, Percy William. 653, Trooper.
TWOPENNY, Richard Ernest Noel. Lieutenant, MC and Bar

New Zealanders who served in the King's Colonials and/or King Edward's Horse

ABRAHAM, Lionel Martyn. Sergeant. Born 6 July 1893 and died 1987. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
ADAMS, Noel Percy. Captain. Transferred to New Zealand Field Artillery. Awarded Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George (CMG) on 4 June 1917. Barrister in civilian life. Promoted to Colonel and became Commandant of the Military Training Camp at Featherston, Wairarapa, New Zealand during the First World War. See image (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
ARMSTRONG J. Private, New Zealander who enlisted in 1902 and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the King's Colonials in 1903 and shown with that rank on 1905 Officer's List.
ARTHUR, Beckham. 111, Sergeant.

BAKER, R. H. Trooper.
BANKS, Donald William. 2134, Trooper. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
BARRY, A. V. Trooper. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
BAXTER, Gordon Eyre. 929, Trooper. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
BELL, Chevoit W. D. Sergeant.
BELL, William Henry Dillon. Captain. Lived at 47 Molesworth Street, Wellington, New Zealand. The son of New Zealand Prime Minister Hon. Sir Francis Bell, G.C.M.G., and Lady Bell. Captain Bell was the first Member of Parliament to go on active service in WWI. Killed in Action 31 July 1917 when shot by a sniper at Ferdinand farm. Mentioned in Despatches. (Reference – Auckland Online Cenotaph, Name recorded on the Menin Gate memorial).
BLACK, Ralph W. 1070, Trooper. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
BRENNAN. Sergeant.
BRIDGEMAN, Robert J. 1335, Trooper.
BRISTED, Geoffrey Thornborrow. Lance Corporal. Mentioned in Despatches. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
BROMFIELD, Sydney Lewis. 62, Trooper. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).

CHENNELLS, C. H. Trooper. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
CHING, W. T. Sergeant. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
COOPER, Henry Mark Hugh. Lieutenant. Died of Wounds. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).

DARREL, Richard Frederick William. 1051, Sergeant. Known as Dick. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
DENNISTON, John Geoffrey. 221, Sergeant.
DONALD, Walter Alan. Sergeant. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
DRUBE, Frederick Peter. 524, Lance Corporal. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).

EARLE, Robert Charles 1319, Trooper. Known as Bob. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
ELY, P. A. Lieutenant

FEARNLEY, Ernest Walter. 1504, Trooper. Killed in Action. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
FEARNLEY, William George. 1503, Trooper. Killed in Action. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).

GRACIE, T. S. Trooper. Transferred to East Lancashire Regiment. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
GRAY, Ronald. Sergeant. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).

HANDFORD, J. R. Second Lieutenant. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
HANNAY, James. 578, Lieutenant, Awarded Military Cross. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
HARRISON, Charles Fancourt. Sergeant. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
HAYTER, Frank Goodenough. 607, Trooper. Transferred to the Manchester Regiment. Promoted to Second Lieutenant. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
HELLABY, R. S. Trooper. Known as Fred. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
HELLABY, John. Trooper. Transferred to Royal Field Artillery. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
HERAPATH, Basil Alexander Conrad. 371, Sergeant and promoted to Lieutenant. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
HINDLE, Harold Burn. 332, Trooper. "Educated here until 1912 and afterwards at Cambridge, was in camp with King Edward's Horse when war broke out. He was given a commission in the Royal Field Artillery (RFA) as early as December, 1914, and went over to France two months later. The following September he was wounded at Loos, but returned to France, after six months, with a howitzer brigade. He subsequently received two appointments as officer orderly, and in October went to England on short leave. His health giving way he was unable to get back, and during March of last year was appointed instructor in a cadet school at Bournemouth. In six months time the school closed and he re-joined the R.F.A., being appointed Staff-Captain on Christmas Day, 1917. Returning in February, he stayed in the firing line until he was killed on March 29th, 1918 (with G Battery Royal Horse Artillery). He was in the School XV. for three years in succession." (In Memoriam, 1914-1918 [Wanganui Collegiate School]). The Commonwealth War Graves Commission website gives Hindle's date of death as 27 March 1918. He is commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial, Somme, France (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph). Image.
HINDLESMITH, Arthur. 563, Sergeant. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
HINDLESMITH, H. B. 332, Sergeant.
HOBBS, Charles. Trooper. Transferred to Royal Field Artillery.

IZARD, Theodore Arthur. Second Lieutenant. Transferred to Machine Gun Corps and promoted to Lieutenant. Known as Pongo. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
JACOB, A. C. Trooper. Transferred to Royal Horse Artillery. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
JEFFERY, Sidney William, 1831, Trooper. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
JONES, F. Trooper. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).

KINDER, Thomas Harry. Trooper. A son of Mr Harry Kinder who lived in Arney Road in Remuera, Thomas had his secondary education at Wanganui Collegiate where he served as head prefect in his last year. He then went to study at Caius College in Cambridge. When war was declared, he signed up with King Edwards Horse and transferred to the 7th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment and went to France. He was killed in action at the Somme on the 3 July 1916. He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial, Authuile, Somme, France and by a memorial plaque, St Mark’s Anglican Church, 95 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
KRO(U)GH, Henry Charles. 1377, Sergeant. Awarded the Military Medal. Nickname – Shorty. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).

LIGHTBOUND, Austin. 9, Sergeant. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).

MACONNELL, Connal. Trooper. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
MACDONALD, R. Trooper.
McCOMB, William Collingwood. 806, Trooper. Known as Will. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
McCORMACK, Percy James. 1278, Corporal. Also known as Percy James McCallum. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
McKEAN, Archie. 384, Sergeant. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
MCLEAN, F. S. (Frank). Trooper. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
MCLEAN, John A. 780, Trooper.
MUIR, James McLean. 287, Sergeant. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).

NATHAN, M. L. Trooper. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
NICOL, G. M. Trooper. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
NORTHCOTE, Tom Francis. 324, Sergeant transferred to Royal Flying Corps and promoted to Lieutenant. Mentioned in Despatches. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
PAIN, K. W. Trooper. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
PHILLIPS, Ernest Ivor. 238, Trooper. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
PINCKNEY, John William. 505, Trooper. Promoted to Lieutenant. Known as Jack. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
PYE, Allan. 1154, Trooper.

RIDGEWAY, William Kemp. 1593, Lance Corporal. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
ROBERTON, James Basil Wilkie. Signal Officer. Born 29 January 1896 at Wright St-Clair, Auckland, New Zealand. Saw service with the Northumberland Fusiliers. Awarded Companion of the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) in 1919. A doctor in civilian life he served as a Major in World War 2 attached to the Headquarters of the New Zealand Medical Corps, Nom. Roll 12, p.164 Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force, Service Number 462018. Died aged 99 on January 1996 at Te Awamutu, Waikato. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
ROGERS, Harry William. 1440, Lance Corporal. Killed in action. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
ROSS, Outram. 703, Corporal.
RUSSELL, George Gray. Major. Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. Awarded Companion of the Distinguished Service Order on 4 February 1918 and Mentioned in Despatches three times. A solicitor in civilian life. Attended Wanganui Collegiate School and the University of Cambridge.

SAUNDERS, Ernest Valdrent. 1265, Lance Corporal. Awarded Croix de Guerre (Belgium).
SHENNAN, Watson Douglas. 508, Trooper. Promoted to Lance Corporal and awarded Military Cross (would be the Military Medal as an NCO). (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
SHERMAN, W. D. Trooper. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
SMEETON, Warwick J. Trooper. Transferred to Royal Field Artillery. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
STEWART, John Francis. 1376, Lance Corporal. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
SUNDERLAND, Geoffrey. 509, Trooper. Transferred to Royal Sussex Regiment, promoted to Sergeant and Killed in Action. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).

WATSON, W. E. Sergeant. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
WILLIAMS, Samuel R. 184, Trooper. Known as Sam. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
WILLIAMS, Selwyn Coldham. Trooper. Transferred to Royal Field Artillery, 189th Brigade, C Battery and promoted to Lieutenant. "At School here from the beginning of 1906, left with a number of others in May 1912, to go to Cambridge. While there he joined King Edward's Horse, and being liable for service abroad, expected to be called upon immediately the war broke out. With others, however, he was given a commission in the R.F.A., and for a time did special work at Home before going to France. He saw active service near Armentieres, in September 1915, but was invalided home again in the following January. Returning in April to the Somme front, he was associated with the New Zealanders in the attack on Fleurs, where, on his senior officer being wounded, he took command of his battery, and was recommenced [sic] for a decoration, which was never granted. His unit was later moved to some other part of the front, where he was killed on January 18th, 1917." (In Memoriam, 1914-1918 [Wanganui Collegiate School]). He is buried in Klein-Vierstraat British Cemetery, Heuvelland, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium (I.A.17). (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).
WILSON, Reginald. 456, Trooper.

YOUNGHUSBAND, Leigh Norman. Trooper. Transferred to Royal Field Artillery and promoted to Major. Mentioned in Despatches. (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph).

Known members of King Edward's Horse who left Trinidad for England in the Great War with whereabouts in 1946 if known (King Edward's Horse Senior and Junior Old Comrades Association Bulletin 14: 1947).

Left Trinidad for England 18/10/15:               

BALFOUR C. Corporal, Military Medal Canada 1946
CAMPBELL J. A. Trinidad
COLLINS Victor L. M. Lance Corporal Trinidad KIA Lys 9/4/18. Photograph from Jerome Lee's Caribbean Roll of Honour.
DE GANNES R. Trinidad Wounded Bourlon Wood 26/11/17
DE NOBRIGA J. O. Trinidad Died in Trinidad
DE SOUZA A. R. Trinidad
FAHEY F. O. B. Trinidad Gassed
FERREIRA E. L. Trinidad
GALT K. V. 1309, Private USA Wounded Savy Wood 22/3/17
GONZALES A. Dead Died in Trinidad 1945
INCE L. USA Returned July 1916, medically unfit
McINROY Dead Died in Scotland
JOHNSTONE R. Corporal Trinidad Wounded Ypres 1917 and Lys 1918
O'CONNOR R. Trinidad
O'CONNOR B. Corporal Trinidad
SEHEULT R. Died in Trinidad
SEHEULT A. Died in Trinidad

To England after 1917:

AGOSTINI J. L. Trinidad
COLLINS V. N. Trinidad
HAMPDEN-COX T. A. Died in England pneumonia 9/5/19
HAMEL-SMITH E. S. Died in Trinidad
HATT E. L. Trinidad
MARQUES N. Trinidad

To England before 18/10/15

HERRERA R. Trinidad
LANGE M. Transferred to Field Survey Corps Trinidad
SHORT W. Lieutenant