Additional Other Ranks Shoulder Titles

Additional Other Ranks Shoulder Titles Additional Other Ranks Shoulder Titles
The 2nd King Edward’s Horse Officers and Other Ranks shoulder titles were also made with hexagonal loops as shown in Figure 442.  

Figure 442: The rear of a 2nd KEH shoulder title (Westlake Ref No 205) with hexagonal loops circa 1915-17. 

A size variant has also been identified being smaller than the standard 2KEH shoulder title.  This title was theatre-adapted from a King Edward's Horse (King's Overseas Dominion Regiment) KEH/KODR which has had the KODR part removed and a crudely cut 2 brazed on above the KEH piece.  The wearer is known to have transferred between King Edward's Horse and 2nd King Edward's Horse hence the shoulder title modification. 

Figure 443: A theatre-adapted 2KEH shoulder title (left) compared with a standard 2KEH shoulder title.  

A slip-on shoulder strap title with 2 over KEH embroidered in white on a trapezoid shaped olive-green cloth patch (Imperial War Museum Catalogue Number INS 31138) was approved by the Army Clothing Department on 22/6/1917 as Pattern No. 9552/1917 with the Sealed Pattern card held by the Imperial War Museum. This Pattern was over-stamped obsolete on the 7/10/1919 and there is no photographic evidence supporting it ever having been issued and worn.  The existence of a Sealed Pattern card for a cloth shoulder title for the Essex Yeomanry is also noted as never having been issued and worn (Michael Wood, personal communication).