2KEH ORs Service Dress Uniform

Figure 160: A photograph of a Private of 2nd King Edward’s Horse in Service Dress with shoulder chains and cloth leggings on his wedding day circa 1915. He is wearing a 2nd King Edward’s Horse headdress badge and 2KEH shoulder titles (Peter Nemaric collection).

Figure 161: A photograph of Privates Ford, Poulain, Saunders and an un-named Private (left to right) of 2nd King Edward’s Horse in Service Dress. They are wearing shoulder chains, white lanyards around their left shoulders, cloth leggings and 1903 pattern leather webbing. Their headdress badges are that of the 2nd King Edward’s Horse as are their shoulder titles. Private Ford is wearing a good conduct stripe on his left forearm (Photograph courtesy of the Simon Jervis collection).

Figure 162: Un-named young Private of 2nd King Edward's Horse in Service Dress.