2KEH 'A-H'

2KEH 'A-H' 2KEH 'A-H'
ASHBEE    Michael F.    1753    Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 45428
BAILLIE R. W. Lieutenant. Highland Light Infantry late 2nd King Edward's Horse. 1914-15 Star (368 Cpl R. W. Baillie 2nd King Edward's Horse) British War and Victory medals named to Lieut. R. W. Baillie HLI) and Mentioned in Dispatches oak leaves.
BALDOCK Hugh 1275 Private, Second Lieutenant Essex Regiment
BARNWELL Alfred C. 1545 Private, Private Tank Corp 302817, Lance Corporal 10th Northumberland Fusiliers 39905
BARUGH William Barnett 1337 Private, Second Lieutenant 19th Machine Gun Corps
BAYNES Robert A. 1813 Private
BENWELL Arthur C. 1304 Private, Private Durham Light Infantry 101546
BERRILL Ralph Second Lieutenant Worcestershire Regiment, Captain Labour Corps
BIRD Frank 1683 Private, Tank Corps 302987
BLACK Ernest Charteris 722 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Scots Fusiliers
BOUCHER Montague 1158 Private, Lance Corporal Tank Corps 302859
BOWE Henry 120 Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 45443
BOWYER William G. 1664 Private, Tank Corps 302789, Northumberland Fusiliers 61178
BOXALL Alfred Charles 1081 Trooper
BROOK Charles Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant Colonel 2/1st Yorkshire Dragoons
BROOM Francis Hubert 831 Private, Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps 22844
BROWN Y. Farrer Lance Corporal, Second Lieutenant 51st Middlesex Regiment
BUCK Charles W. 1352 Private, Tank Corps 300485
BUCKLAND James A. 1840 Private, Corporal Military Mounted Police P/11922
BUCKLEY Charles 1650 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61272
BURNETT Horace E. 1000 Serjeant, Private Machine Gun Corps 25253, Lieutenant
BURROUGHS John R. 1509 Private, Corporal Tank Corps 302775, Corporal King's Liverpool Regiment 91422
CAPELL Henry Addison Devereaux 1977 Trooper, Second Lieutenant Highland Light infantry, Lieutenant Labour Corps
CHRYSTAL John 1919 Acting Corporal Royal Engineers 208117, Acting Corporal 2nd KEH, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers
CHUBB William S. R. 1881 Private
CLACEY Walter Cleveland 1213 Serjeant
CLAREY John C. 1788 Private - Northumberland Fusiliers 40115, Tank Corps 302868
CLARKE Stanley R. 1855 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61215, Private Tank Corps 302872
CLELLAND Daniel 1333 Private, Acting Lance Corporal Tank Corps 302822, Acting Lance Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61307
COLLING John 1808 Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40546, Private Northumberland Fusliers
COLLINGWOOD Alan R. G. 1984 Private
COOKE Edwin B. 1805 Private, Corporal 5th Dragoon Guards 3834
COONEY Jonathan 1309 Private, Private Tank Corps 45460, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 303024
CONSTABLE Clifford Edward Second Lieutenant, Captain
COPE Arthur Selywn 1330 Private, Second Lieutenant Lancashire Fusiliers, Lieutenant 2/5 Gloucestershire Regiment
CORDER Harold C. 1187 Private, Acting Serjeant Tank Corp 302806, Northumberland Fusiliers 39947, Lancashire Fusiliers
CRADOCK Montagu Lieutenant Colonel
CREIGHTON Bertram B. 1215 Private, Tank Corp, Northumberland Fusiliers 61255
CRONIN Thomas 1461 Private, Private Tank Corp 302787, Private 2/4th Northumberland Fusiliers 61180
CULLINANE Michael 1632 Private, Private 10th Northumberland Fusiliers 39916, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40545, Private Tank Corps 302852

CUTHBERT, Robert (Reggie) Lancelot, 340. Trooper. Killed in Action 7th July 1915, France aged 47. Robert was the son of Anne Wilkinson and the Late Hugh Cuthbert of 49 Cluny Drive, Edinburgh. Robert lived in Singapore and was a member of the Singapore Volunteers before joining 2nd King Edward's Horse (Photograph of Grave Memorial Cross).

D'ALROY Frank 1822 Corporal
DAVIDSON William 416811 Private, Private Labour Corps 5195
DAVIES William Stanley Second Lieutenant
DEELEY Frank Glover 1188 Trooper, South Staffordshire Regiment attached Gloucestershire Regiment, Lancashire Fusiliers
DE VERTEUIL Maurice 1356 Private, Private Tank Corps 302867, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 40119 Lance Corporal
EVERETT Raymond Charles Second Lieutenant, Captain
FARRELL John V. 1310 Private
FARRER-BROWN Y. 1080 Lance Corporal, Second Lieutenant 51st Middlesex Regiment
FINCH James W. 17 Serjeant, Warrant Officer Class 2 Tank Corps 302774, Warrant officer Class 2 Northumberland Fusiliers 61293
FINNEY Alexander 61187 Private - Northumberland Fusiliers 112091, Tank Corps 302803
FRASER Guy Basil Captain, Captain Head Quarters No 1 Training Group Royal Air Force
GIDWELL John 463 Private, Serjeant Lancashire Fusiliers 45473
GORDON William 1783 Private, Private 25th Indian Cavalry, Second Lieutenant Indian Army Reserve of Officers
GRAINGER E. 1098 Private, Private Military Mounted Police
GREEN Mathu 1621 Private, Lance Corporal then Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps 22979
GREENWAY Thomas 1134 Private, Private Tank Corps 302864, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61289
HAMILTON-WHITEFORD R Lieutenant Royal Air Force
HAMMILL Maurice William 1607 Private